Operational Days

  • All days except government holidays

Operational Hours

  • 9 A.M to 6 P.M
Ans: Booking page allows the user to either give or take(want) a truck/trucks as per the requirement based on the source , destination, capacity and actual transportation date i.e loading date.
Ans: Script is short name assigned to the particulars of the route and truck type a user is trading for. It is based on the source, destination and capacity. Viz: Akl-Pune,trk16 indicates the Truck’s source is Akola, destination is Pune and can carry upto 16 Tonnes of load.
Trk- Truck, Trl-trailor, OTnk- Edible Oil tanker.
Ans: On clicking the star sign, it turns Blue i.e. the Particular script with all its loading date will appear before the unchecked scripts; this helps in the user to just look and locate his interested routes with ease, and avoids using the filter each time.
Ans: It is the date of loading of the material from the source location.
Ans: Want is the BHADA rate of a user who wants/needs the truck/trailor/tanker, and Give is the BHADA rate of a user who will give/supply the truck/trailor/tanker.
Ans: Want and Give quantity is the NUMBER of trucks which will be given and taken respectively.
NOTE: it is not the tonnage of the truck. Because tonnage is already fixed script wise.
Ans: Open is the opening price of the script for that day, LTP is the Last traded price , CHANGE is the change in price of that script compared with its previous day close, Close is the LTP of that script of the previous day, HIGH and LOW are the high and low prices traded of that script for that day.
Ans: It is used to instantly book (give/supply or want/take) a truck at the current price.
Ans: It is used to add limit @specified price to either give or want a truck with the number of trucks.
Ans: It is used to modify or cancel a limit put by the user for that script.
Ans: It shows all the want and give limits of that script.
Ans: It gives the history of that script since its commencement.
Ans: It gives the detailed information of the script i.e its source, destination, capacity, loading date (expiry date), spread (between limits), commission, etc.
Ans: It is the page in which user finds detail of his/her successful bookings of trucks done by him/her.
Ans: It is the page in which user can see the limits which are put by him/her on that day, user can modify, cancel the limits on this page also. The limits gets auto cancelled at the end of the day or if it is the expiry date limits then at the expiry time, refunding back the commission to user’s account.
Ans: In this page user gets the prices of the script in which trucks were booked in the history, this may help user to decide the price to be quoted for bookings.
Ans: In this page the user can request for starting new routes i.e. Source and destination to the system.
Ans: In this page user gets the detailed transaction list of his/her account and the balance.
Ans: It displays system generated notifications for the users. Regarding new routes, news related to transport industry etc.