About Us

MTX is an online platform connecting the Trucks and Load owners. Our platform helps getting truck for a load and vice versa in a very easy manner and at the best rates. Our objective is to help the load owners to instantly get the best price for their loads and in reducing the idle time of trucks which is a major concern and curse to the transport industry. Save your valuable time and money by posting your requirements in the huge database of available Truck and loads at MTX. The website serves as an online information exchange portal for the goods and transportation industry. The service gives instant anytime access to dynamically updated information about the requirements of the market such as available freight (goods to be transported) as well as trucks/trailers across the country. The service thereby increases the efficiency of the process of acquiring loads and trucks for transportation purposes.

MTX is user friendly, easy to operate and offers the convenience to access updated details of available load in India, find carrier, tanker or find lorry for your load. The user logging into the portal will be able to selectively identify the best suited option as per the choice his location, destination and thereby giving him the advantage of making a booking from anywhere across the country. MTX makes a load owner assured of the availability of a truck for transporting. Also, make a transport agent/ owner assured of the utilization of the truck by empowering him to book load in advance. MTX is the leader in Truck and load exchange business in India. MTX does not directly include truck owners on the portal. The truck providers on the portal are verified and trusted transport agents, commission agents, transport companies and transport agencies who are into this industry since years.

The Indian transportation industry mainly relies on close contacts and past experience to get business. This problem often limits the scope of their services to certain locations, routes, or customers. Information pertaining to available truck or load is usually shared over the phone and this information usually travels only a few links deep, often not in time, thereby reducing the possibility of finding loads and driving up costs.

The main idea of this service is to enable freight owners and transporters to have instant access to a large pool of live information about the requirements of the market such as available freight as well as trucks/trailers across the country. The service also helps in increasing capacity utilization and managing time and transportation needs in an efficient manner by giving access to all this information in real time.

MTX is here to keep trucks loaded, freight moving, and India's trucking industry chugging along at a happy, healthy pace. We're committed to providing instant load board access to truckers with cutting-edge technology that's user-friendly, economical, fast, and secure. MTX works on a real time dynamic rate change program enabling most efficient usage of the transport industry. MTX is the first to introduce such an online technology in transport industry. MTX has reputed users with it who have vast experience and name in the industry, “trustworthiness” only factor driving the industry is being fulfilled by MTX.